Invest with Compound

Compound manages strategic (global asset allocation) and active investment portfolios.

Our strategic portfolios seek long-term capital appreciation utilizing ETFs for their tax efficiency, liquidity, and lower costs. Since we can’t predict the future, we diversify to increase the probability of successful outcomes.

Our active strategies are designed to manage risk, serve as a diversifier to your strategic allocation, or attempt to enhance long-term returns.

To learn more, see the FAQ below or e-mail us at to set up an introductory call. We’re here to help.


1) What is your minimum investment?

Our minimum investment is $500,000.

2) Who is your custodian?

TD Ameritrade is our custodian.

3) What types of accounts are available?

We manage both taxable and retirement accounts for individuals, families, and small businesses.

4) Is this a fund? Are there any lock-ups?

No. This is not a hedge fund or mutual fund. It is your own separately management account. There are no lock-ups.

5) What are the management fees?

Management fees start at 0.7% annually and decline over time to 0.5%. We believe in encouraging long-term thinking by rewarding investors who stick with a portfolio and plan over time.

6) What are the investor qualifications?

At this time we can only accept U.S.-based investors (U.S. citizens, green card holders, and holders of certain visas).

7) What is your investment philosophy?

Successful investing requires patience, fortitude, and time. The longer your holding period, the higher your odds of success. In order to remain invested and reap the benefits of compounding, you need a portfolio that you fully understand and can stick with through the inevitable ups and downs.

We view education as an edge, taking the time upfront to make sure you know what you own and why you own it. By creating thoughtful content, we hope to give context to market movements and mitigate harmful investor behavior (buying/selling based on greed/fear).

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