8 to 80 Monthly Update – October 2020

By Charlie Bilello

04 Nov 2020

Our first monthly update of the Compound 8 to 80 Portfolio.

Performance Review

The 8 to 80 Portfolio declined 0.83% (net of fees) in October.

The broad equity markets traded lower for the second straight month.

There was a long list of explanations for the recent pullback in markets, including the covid-19 resurgence, lack of a second stimulus bill, and pre-election jitters.

There’s always a “reason” in hindsight, but assigning one is not particularly helpful. Corrections are a feature of markets, not a bug. They are the price of admission for long-term investors, without which there would be no reward.

Portfolio Review

A number of portfolio companies reported record earnings and sales during the quarter.

A few highlights:

Netflix reported 22.8% revenue growth over the last year, its 30th consecutive quarter of >20% YoY growth. Free cash flow, which had been negative for years, hit a new quarterly record ($645 million).

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-Amazon now has over 1.2 million employees a 50% increase over the last year. What’s driving that growth? Surging revenues, up 37% over the past year. This was the 76th consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth from Amazon.

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Facebook reported 2.74 billion monthly active users, up 12% over the past year. With a global population of 7.8 billion, that means 35% off the world used Facebook at some point in the last month. This is the definition of the network effect.

Portfolio Movers

The top performers during October were Tencent (+12.8%) and Alphabet (+10.3%).

The bottom performers during October were Mastercard (-14.5%) and Shopify (-9.5%).

Portfolio Changes

Position size in Zoom was reduced after a strong run-up.

End of Month Exposures

Invested: 49.1%
Cash and Cash Equivalents: 50.9%

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